Thursday, September 10, 2009

The last few weeks of baseball in Chicago.

"Three Weeks of Baseball left on the North Side"

Some of what Happened

With 24 games remaining on the Cubs schedule the most faithful of Cub fans have thrown in the little white towel and are just hoping this team can play out these last few weeks with pride.The Chicago Cubs have had their opportunities since falling out of first place in the first few weeks of August this year. This team has experienced a ton of injuries during this season which most definitely caused many nights of decision making for Lou Pinella in playing the rite lineups on the field. We can sit here and break down the many errors passed down from management to on the field although even though not excusable I really think much was learned about the team and the players of this 2009 roster. Going into 2010 I would most expect Tom Ricketts to keep Jim Hendry on board and to clean up his mess from the 2009 personnel changes. Lou Pinella may be back but again upper management needs to decide if Lou can take this team threw another season in 2010 and get these players to respect him and get the job done on the field. Tony Larrusa and Dave Duncan both becoming available come October 2009 may just look elsewhere outside StLouis to coach Tom Rickett's Chicago Cubs team. Mr. Rickett's should seriously look into seeing if those two would be open to managing this cub team and bringing the magic they preached in St Louis up here to the north side of Chicago. St Louis has done some miraculous things over the last many years and with this Cub teams window just about closed this may be that time to make this kind of move. So big decisions are be made in coaching and management of the Chicago Cubs.

Somehow someway even many of the small things didn't work for the Cubs early on and really with the loss of Aramis Ramirez on May 16th and the inconsistent offense that showed up on the field day in and day out it made for a long summer early on. This Cub team has been lucky or even some would say spoiled in that the last few years having minimal injuries and players producing, gave Lou Pinella very little to be concerned with on the field. This has been a learning year for the coaching on this club. Pinella being the veteran coach and coaching his 3rd year with this team you would think he would have control and know what lineups to play on the field. Things just didn't happen and it was hard to watch and see those mistakes being made game after game. We all tried to understand Lou's coaching but as the season went on this team just never seemed to gel or respond.

Now we look to finishing strong and giving management and the players some confidence going into next year. There is no more pressure for the Cubs and playing well everyday as
the real possibility of the post season is just about done. I have taken the time to put together
a letter to Tom Rickett's explaining what i and some some others seen in all capacities of the team to best describe whom they are and where there going and how to make them better.
I'm assured and also feel positive with that this club will rebound for 2010. Jim Hendry in history has always taken the Chicago Cubs back into the post season after having a failing 2010 season with respect to his personnel moves.

I would like to hear comments from all whom have followed this team and has a good feel for
what it will take to make this team successful for 2010.

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