Thursday, September 10, 2009

The last few weeks of baseball in Chicago.

"Three Weeks of Baseball left on the North Side"

Some of what Happened

With 24 games remaining on the Cubs schedule the most faithful of Cub fans have thrown in the little white towel and are just hoping this team can play out these last few weeks with pride.The Chicago Cubs have had their opportunities since falling out of first place in the first few weeks of August this year. This team has experienced a ton of injuries during this season which most definitely caused many nights of decision making for Lou Pinella in playing the rite lineups on the field. We can sit here and break down the many errors passed down from management to on the field although even though not excusable I really think much was learned about the team and the players of this 2009 roster. Going into 2010 I would most expect Tom Ricketts to keep Jim Hendry on board and to clean up his mess from the 2009 personnel changes. Lou Pinella may be back but again upper management needs to decide if Lou can take this team threw another season in 2010 and get these players to respect him and get the job done on the field. Tony Larrusa and Dave Duncan both becoming available come October 2009 may just look elsewhere outside StLouis to coach Tom Rickett's Chicago Cubs team. Mr. Rickett's should seriously look into seeing if those two would be open to managing this cub team and bringing the magic they preached in St Louis up here to the north side of Chicago. St Louis has done some miraculous things over the last many years and with this Cub teams window just about closed this may be that time to make this kind of move. So big decisions are be made in coaching and management of the Chicago Cubs.

Somehow someway even many of the small things didn't work for the Cubs early on and really with the loss of Aramis Ramirez on May 16th and the inconsistent offense that showed up on the field day in and day out it made for a long summer early on. This Cub team has been lucky or even some would say spoiled in that the last few years having minimal injuries and players producing, gave Lou Pinella very little to be concerned with on the field. This has been a learning year for the coaching on this club. Pinella being the veteran coach and coaching his 3rd year with this team you would think he would have control and know what lineups to play on the field. Things just didn't happen and it was hard to watch and see those mistakes being made game after game. We all tried to understand Lou's coaching but as the season went on this team just never seemed to gel or respond.

Now we look to finishing strong and giving management and the players some confidence going into next year. There is no more pressure for the Cubs and playing well everyday as
the real possibility of the post season is just about done. I have taken the time to put together
a letter to Tom Rickett's explaining what i and some some others seen in all capacities of the team to best describe whom they are and where there going and how to make them better.
I'm assured and also feel positive with that this club will rebound for 2010. Jim Hendry in history has always taken the Chicago Cubs back into the post season after having a failing 2010 season with respect to his personnel moves.

I would like to hear comments from all whom have followed this team and has a good feel for
what it will take to make this team successful for 2010.

please email comments to:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Cubless team cant adjust to the air volume out West

On this day after the opening game with the Rockies we see more of the same troubles playing
on Pinella's Chicago Cubs.

Most Chicago Fans from the bottom of the 1st in Coors's field seen this might be a long night which would add up to another pitiful defeat and bump rite into 2nd place. I'm a cub fan and each and every game I and other cub fans try and explain the good the bad & the ugly. With Carlos Zambrano being scratched from the game with back stiffness, this was all the Rockies needed to have their chance in stealing a baseball game from the Chicago Cubs and more.. There wasn't a doubt that they had the edge in starting pitching. Matter a fact the cubs couldn't find way to get to Jimenez as his pitches were their all night and when needed. Pinella decided to use Jeff Samardijga to eat up some of the inning's but at what expense. This fellow hasn't shown improvement in how many innings now. Well this was only the beginning and the end for the cubs as they mustard a small 2 runs in 9 innings. Chicago hasn't played well on the road this year and it starting to take shape.As the media and fans try to understand where all the problems are and how to cure them the club continues to baffle themselves and the baseball world.

In Game 2 the Cubs get Marquie the off-season trade by Jim Hendry to the Colorado Rockies.
Jason has more than a win to get in the game he starts but more than that he needs to show again to Jim Hendry 'see what you were giving up'. Jason has done very well in a park that is very hard to pitch well in. The Cardinals mind you haven't felt they're rhythm yet and once they do the Cardinals will use August's weak schedule to win and put a distance between them and the cubs.

For Cubs Fans somehow I ask you to find a way to put this season in the rears. There is just to much Bad & Ugly to be seen with over 50 games left. Phil Rogers just mentioned that the cubs were on a projected path to win 87 games. The Cubs will be lucky to win 79 game this year. The slow transition of selling this club helped in keeping the team out of focus. With that being said the lack of a new owner in place and not having that one person to overlook the Cubs management really put the team in an awkward position. Come 2010 I'd expect new pieces of this team which I hope take the organization in to a new frontier.

Phil G

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's only August but feels like September in... MLB

Chicago Cubs fans we wake up this August 2nd Monday with more questions which
continue for the bullpen and specific relievers and closers. Playing baseball in southern Florida in August is brutal without a doubt. The Cubs had a chance to sweep this series regardless of the final score.Questions surrounding this pen and whom can take the ball in the 7th, 8th or 9th is most definitely up in the air rite now. This Pen actually is much better than some think. The Cubs have multiple arms in which aren't being used in critical situations but yet Lou Pinella still goes to the highly paid money guys. Aaron Heilman was a disaster before coming to Chicago and why he is here ? this makes no sense at all. The New York Mets released Heilman as his Era was higher than the sky and couldn't get the job done. Why would a GM spend money on a player whom can't get it done when he takes the ball on the mound. Is it that he is a Notre Dame guy ? The Chicago Cubs can't and wont get very far with Aaron Heilman as he has been horrific in games where games are very tight meaning 2 runs or less. Mr. Hendry what were you thinking once again ! Other relievers like Kevin Gregg is another player whom has been successful following the all-star break getting 10 saves. Now let's keep in mind these were teams mostly whom were playing sub .500 baseball. The Marlins were the first team for Gregg to face whom had a winning record following the break and it was clear after getting spanked two nights in a row to the Marlins the Cubs certainly have their real concerns now.

In baseball this is suppose to be a team game where all 25 men are used to accomplish the objective of winning ball games. The Cubs have other arms like, Stevens, Berg, Guzman, Grabow,Marmoul & Marshall whom can be used to get the job done more in the late inning's. Marmoul has had some command issues but from a psyche view getting the ball in a closer role may just help him enough to get the job done. There is also a Kid in Bj Ryan whom is still pitching down in Triple A however will his stuff be good enough to be the killer B in the ninth ? Many of the Critics wont go down that path as Bj hasn't even pitched for the cubs of yet in the Majors. Can one our Starters need to come in and get the job done in the 9th ? if be YES !!

Cubs Fans this team has the roster to win this division and go into the post season. It would be a far shame if this ball club continued making mistakes down the stretch. Pinella has to be more flexible and let some of the young talent get the chance to help this team. Forget about the baseball politics and play your team Pinella. There is NO doubt Jim Hendry the master behind building this team has possibly managed his last year as the Chicago Cubs Messiah.

Lastly, with 59 games left to be played much can happen in baseball. The Chicago Cubs and there management have the time to reinvent part of their bull pen for the late inning's by using some of the talent rite before their eyes. You just never know how any player will respond once he is thrown into a role. It's very clear that Jeff Samardijga is either not ready or really doesn't have the STUFF to make it the Bigs. This month of August is here and within a few weeks the cubs destiny will be in front of us.

Phil G

Saturday, July 25, 2009

" Is it all coming together early on for the Chicago Cubs "

For the Chicago Cubs so much concern was going on within this team before the All-star break. After their 9th game there 7 of 9 in the games played since the All-star break. After today's loss for the StLouis Cardinals to the Phillie's 14-6 the Cubs are in a real possibility to take over 1st place in the NL Central by the end of the weekend.

With Five games left on this home stand you would just hope the weather continues to help their bats find the bleacher seats in the outfield. The returning of Aramis Ramirez was like a real acquisition with his big bat in the middle of the order starting to take effect.

How Long will the Bats continue to rise to the occasion or will Pinella stimulate the lineup day to day to keep the bats finding the holes up and around Wrigley field. Cubs Fans have been waiting patiently for their team to play with consistency to a certain degree and give their injured the time needed to heal before reentering the lineup. With all but one starter going on the DL thus far this team has had Big Z, Lilly, Dempster, Harden, Hart, Wells & Marshall too contribute in keeping the Cubs close or giving them the opportunity to win each and every outing they take the mound.

Ted Lilly whom is the latest casualty will ne out for a minimum of 2 weeks and Kevin Hart with the like of Sean Marshall and or Jeff Smardgia will take the reins until Ted returns.

Pitching will continue to be the key to the Cubs success. As they showed us all year that with their consistent rotation the cubs had every chance to win although the clubs bats were anemic for weeks at a time. The change outside the pitching has been the otherwise alteration to their lineups. A simple change by moving Soriano down to the 6th hole and using Fukedome in the lead-off spot really augmented this teams chances in not only hitting but driving in runs in key situations. The Cubs have the talent on and off the bench to mix and shake to equal offense. The addition of Jake Fox and Jeff Baker has indeed put again more chances to make runs. Lou Pinella has an arsenal at his right pocket.. Let's not forget the little talented Sam Fuld whom has jumped back & forth to Iowa and back. Sam has sparked this team in the few games played... and these games were important for the psyche.

We now have a fairly large # of Bullpen relievers ready to help this team when their number is called upon. Somehow I still think we will see Sam Fuld up again to help aid in specific scenario's where his bat & glove can be used early and later in ball games.

With less than one week left before the trade deadline not much is expected in the Cubs making any type of large trade. Somehow Jim Hendry has a way of using his phones to
overcome any obstacle which refrains the Cubs from getting that one body or player whom can further add stability or depth to this team. The addition of one added left handed bat off the bench and or another short lefty reliever is something I'd expect for this week is out.

The Chicago Cubs are right where they want to be and with the rite coaching along with Sharpe management, their is NO ! reason the Chicago Cubs can't not only win this division but with the NL. Some will say the Dodgers and Phillie's are the two big boys whom will win this crown. I say let the Cubs slip under the radar and use all their resources to get the job complete. I wanted to finally say the one area of concern is the 7th hole or 2nd baseman position where we are the weakest offensively. Again Mr. Jim hendry will I hope go find a replacement to fill this void and even out the chemistry in the lineup.

For the starting pitching this is if not the most solid deepest rotation in the NL assuming our
starters like Big Z, Lilly, Dempster,Harden & Wells all get back playing together...

The Bull pen has really come together with Marshall, Guzman ,Marmoul and Gregg leading the way. Heilman and Jeff Samardzija are the two that are a concern. Whether or not BJ Ryan will help pitching from the left side, we have three relievers in Justin Berg, Jeff Stevens & Kevin Hart whom can fit the need and answer the call when Pinella calls on them. Again readers the key to this team making a serious run is how there resources are inserted and the talent is put to use in at what extreme.

Baseball has it's ways of playing it's own game without notice. I suppose all anyone one can do is try and make the moves prior to avoid bad situations. Put aside Stats for a minute and just know this team is built to scorer runs and more so stop the bats from scoring them...

just go do it is the game.

The Cubs have some concern

Monday, July 20, 2009


Coming into Monday nights series with Philadelphia most fans and critics
knew that the previous 4 game sweep against the Nationals was nothing more than practice games with one of the worst teams if not the worst team in all baseball. Talking with the majority of the Cub faithful I heard how the Phillies series would test the teams integrety and character.

Lou Pinella and Jim Hendry were both scratching their heads in the first inning of game # 1 as their was two outs and Ibanez the Phillies big bat and aquistion from the off season showed his worth by sending a pitch from Ted Lilly with a count of 2-2 over the farthest part of the ball-park in Center field. How could this happen with Ted Lilly are All-Star ?

Jim Hendry must have been once again reminded of all the in-consistent moves he made in the off -season for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have had one issue followed by another thus far and spending millions on Milton Bradely really strapped his check book in correcting those errors and putting in place those players which would fine tune the make-up of this team.
Just this weekend it was written that both Jack Wilson & Freddy Sanchez were available for the rite price. Jim Hendry can quickly improve the balance of the cubs with inserting Mr. Sanchez on to this roster allowing at a blink to increase hits and runs immediately. There would be no more weakness at the 7th hole and joggling Sanchez and Fukedome/Sam Fuld in either of these spots being the 1 hole or again 7th gives Pinella alot of flexibility.

Mr. Hendry also along with other GM's around the NL can make a run after George Shirrell of the Baltimore Orioles. The numbers of this closer whom is lefty are unremarkable and with George having a spot on this roster also gets Sean Marshall back into the starting rotation or spot starts/ long relief for Pinella's Pen.

As we know the Cubs don't have a owner as of yet and the story goes on and on. Cub's fans are frustrated day in and day out as they go from one extreme to another. With NO ! owner in place can the cubs sign anyone or fill a spot which is required to allow this team to have the resources to make a big run threw this second half and possibly get past winning the NLCS ?

Really the fans of this city deserve a team whom can provide this city with the talent to just make it happen. For some reason as much as some seeing this Cubs team play well and going to win a championship, their is just not enough chemistry on a daily basis to see this threw. Their are just to many players not playing and playing not playing and playing which just causes too much interuption on this roster on a daily basis.

Let's suppose we will have a owner sometime before the end of the year, Well where will the Cubs be then. Will Jim Hendry be around ? and further will Lou Pinella resign to the fact that his days are getting old and this franchise just may need a new younger body to put this team on another track ? Lou Pinella has made many errors while key players were down and not playing like the Jake Foxe's to replace Aramis Ramirez which would have clearly with his power and Sam Fulds spray hitting would have without no doubt assisted in winning the close games we lost by one lousy run or if at the minimum won 1/2 of them which still puts this team in 1st place and easily leading this NLC.


The Chicago Cubs don't play well in Philly Land so dont expect s series win. Hope for 1 win before coming back to Chicago to take on the Reds. By months end we will know if were buyers or sellers..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Baseball Just About Half Way in Chicago "


Whether you’re a Cub Fan or Sox fan their has to be some feeling of hope that either one of these teams or both will play well into or past the All-Star break.For the North Siders there is 85 games left and to win at least 90 games the Cubs must win 52 of the 85 game left. The Cubs are 1 game over .500 and 2.5 games back of the Cardinals. The North siders have there belovedAramis Ramirez coming back to the lineup most likely come this Monday at home against the Atlanta Braves whom are also making things interesting in the NL East. The Cubs are 22-13 at home and clearly play better close to home. Now with Reed Johnson and Angel Guzman looking to be added to the roster come Monday Lou Pinella will finally have the roster he once had since opening day. Jim Hendry has made some minimal trades to beef up the bench. Jeff Baker the recent acquisition from the Rockies is someone whom can play the whole field just as Mark Delrosa did but doesn’t have the numbers as Mark has. Jeff has had dome injuries this year but is fine and took hit first at bat off the bench against the Brewers Friday afternoon but was unsuccessful hitting a soft grounder to second base. With the ownership quest coming to end here soon the Chicago Cubs will have the Ricketts family to overlook many of t his teams interests come early August if all goes as planned. This Cubs team doesn’t look to make many trades before the July trade deadline except for pitcher Rich Harden whom I predict will be gone being in a contract year . The Cubs will have to refer to their Triple A talent to help overcome any needs or weakness’s. We all know the cubs up to this point have been just a average team at best and are still trying to identify whom they really are. Most Cub fans are hoping we will see this club finally play with the capabilities they show on paper and the way they did in spring training. Baseball is a game of adjustments and variables. Chemistry is key in baseball and let’s see if the warms winds of Chicago summer will activate their gloves and bats.

Now let’s talk South side and the Chicago White Sox.
It wasn’t just a few weeks ago that the White Sox were struggling with pitching and inconsistent hitting.
Much was talked about how the Sox may be trading Jermayne Dye among others needed to help stabilize this team and improve it.
Funny as baseball is Pitching is the key in baseball and really when the sox sent Jose Contreras down to Triple A to find his arm and Alexi Ramirez benched as he wasn’t finding the little white ball the Sox were so close in reinventing their team. Injuries have been some of an issue with the Sox with mostly Carlos Quentin having feet trouble, however he is making his way to the roster after his minor league assignment is complete. Thankfully Scott Podsednik has been the firing stick in driving this team out of there funk. Since April 14th when coming to Chicago he has been a blessing just hitting the ball at will. Scott is hitting a strong batting a solid.317 and playing a strong outfield. The Sox for most of the spring were trying to find a go to lead-off hitter but Ozzie couldn’t get the production he expected. Now going back to May 18th the Sox were in trouble and Kansas City and Detroit were going strong 1 and 2. The Sox were 15-22 in the standings and 5.5 games back of the pack looking to just tumble. Baseball is a crazy game and with Kenny Williams using some of their young talent such in Gordon Beckham, the Sox have turned things around going 27-16 since then and now sitting by themselves in 2nd place behind the Detroit tigers only 2.5 behind. Again as mentioned what sparked this team was an implosion of good hitting and Quality Starts. The White Sox starting rotation especially Glavine Floyd has definitely gotten it done recently after starting slow and with good steady pitching from Danks, Buehrle and Contreras with come threw hitting has given this Sox team a chance to win daily..The Sox Since playing in the cross-town classic have seen to amplify there game but saying that the Sox play in the weakest division in the AL . The white sox will be tested once they play teams outside their own division where the competition goes up a whole lot !! once the sox prove they can bring their A game to all the American League and play well, then watch out for this Team as they will have a chance to make a run into post-season.

Both Chicago teams have different teams and require much more depth form specific areas of there rosters. With just about half of the season completed both teams are finding themselves closer to being good teams.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



The cubs have been playing just average baseball since the loss of Ramirez. Aramis's return may help but not complete the fix. The Chicago Cubs have many issues to contend with and mostly with offense as the players you would expect producing is lacking terribly.

The Cubs with 90 games left have as many teams in the Central have the chance to make changes to get them playing better ball. The Cubs just a few weeks back were leading with quality starts from their rotation but lacking with offense causing them to lose 14 games by one run.

It's really easy math if this cub team who wasn't and still isn't playing on all 4 legs could be leading this division comfortably by just winning half of these 1 run games. This gives the cubs all they would need to take over in the Central.

I see the final findings in that this team will excel and win this division. Now saying that ! ” If and only if " Aramis comes back along with more consistent hitting I see the Cubs making a big run and going into late summer playing real good ball. Most of why they will make this run is simply their starting pitching. Most teams are starting to see the wear and tear on their starting rotations. The Cubs have an exceptional staff , so this is why they will have the upper hand as the rest of this division don’t have the arms. You don’t have to have a super over- powering offense in baseball. I don’t see the Cards, Brewers, Houston & Reds making such moves that will make this division anymore competitive. Most teams are in the hunt this year and wont be willing to let go of those players needed to help them win.

Somehow this baseball team from management down to the bench players should come together, unlike last year play better as the season goes on where many forget how the cubs played poorly last season going into the last of August and September. They only won the central due to the fact that Milwaukee lost 12 in a row.

Rich Harden will be traded by the July deadline for 2 proven lefty relievers and Marshall will take the 5th spot. We may see one or two other moves but really don’t expect to much from a team that has spent 137 million already and why should they have to at this point. The Cubs have the talent waiting to explode. The questions are ? Will the Pinella and Hendry use this team and their resources to make Chicago a real winner.

We will see how it all comes together, but as a Cub fan and realist I know anything can happen.
The good thing is that my gut is positive about this teams near future unlike last year where most baseball enthusiasts were in denial that the Cubs were better than on paper..

Chicago Cub Fans, We all should just hold faith and hope things workout and then watch for the next few weeks where the Cubs play majority of their opponents from the NL Central. This could be a key sign of how things may turn for the remainder of the season.

One moment please...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago, The Cubs are much better than most admit.

Now Cub fans I have heard it all lately and yes at times i have been wanting to pull what's left of my hair however I looked at last years #'s and yes there offense has showed more life than this anemic looking squad. Though last years record was 43-24 at this time and 19 games over .500 this team won the close games or the games with 1 run making the difference. The Cubs starting rotation was very good threw the first few months and mostly it was they had chemistry.

Today's club has one main issue in offense but we have seen games where they had offense and their bullpen would fail or they would hit and the few games the starting rotation failed it would reflect in the final score. Now we have 105 games left and this NL Central is really well bunched. Know one team has ran away with things and more than likely know one will until the Cubs really get it going. The Chicago Cubs really with the big injury to Aaramis team were very much effected. We have seen finally why Aaramis is the most valued player on this team. Since the loss of Aaramis Jim Hendry has been trying to provide Lou Pinella with the best fit player to fill his position at third. While we haven't seen any real replacement by any imagination we have for the most part have seen good defense. The acquisitions of Milton Bradley whom wanted simply a chance to zip those critics whom said he wont live up to the contract of 30m over 3 years and thus far he has been just awful thus far.. Milton Bradley has been a sore eye for offense. A guy whom suppose to be the answer batting before Derek Lee and Ramirez seems to not be a athlete whom can play in the National League do to his fragile anatomy. Bradley will bounce back so even as it appears he wont , I believe he will be part of us going to the post season.

The other small parts of this team with Ryan Freel, Reed Johnson along with Aaron Miles really haven't added up to much except for Reed Johnson whom can play stellar defense and come threw in a pinch. Bobby Scales and Blanco have been helpful in some spots but they haven't been the pieces to spark this offense. Thankfully Fukedome has been consistent for the most part but not a real reliable go to guy with his bat. We as fans are going to have to hold on and hope until Ramirez gets back the guys like Soriano, Lee, Soto, Theriot, Bradley, Hoffepeuir and Fonteaun are going to get things popping and fairly quickly. Their Schedule doesn't get any easier so with being 2.5 games back from the leading Brewers just take it one game at a time.

The perfect synerieo would be to see the cubs take advantage of being home and using this interleague series to get it rolling in a good way. I really think we will see one or two moves before the deadline but these will be pieces to hold the fort together. The Chicago Cubs lead baseball with a all star rotation throwing a 3.65 era overall and in the last 9 games .98. Pitching and this rotation is how were going to hold on until it's time to take off. Lou as i feel this offense will find their sweet spots on the bat and this club will be the team we expected to see before the season began. Try to refrain from the criticism you hear from sportscasters whom are either
Bias towards the white sox here in Chicago or are just making noise to gain exposure in the media market.

I decided to write a synopsis weekly on the cubs vs. a daily as baseball changes all so fast daily.
You can find me on in the Community section or look me up on face book.
I love to talk baseball and the Chicago Cubs. Come August this team will be firing on all cylinders.
Until then hope for a great winning home stand.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


The Chicago Cubs have two things going for them , Injuries and one run games.

With Lou Pinella trying to find a player or two in sparking this offense it seems he runs into

a wall time and time again. With all the comments I have read and multiple opinions from the top baseball critics it's seems to me the Cubs are treading on thin ice. Starting Sunday morning 4.5 games behind the top dogs of the NL Central Milwaukee Brewers one would have to see that the Cubs whom were suppose to be able to run away with this division aren't running anywhere.

We Have played threw a 1/3 of the baseball season in 2009 and with plenty of baseball left the Chicago Cubs with the injury to Aramis Ramirez have been trying to replace his glove and bat since his injury back in May at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ryan Freel was suppose to help at third with his spray hitting and favorable glove . With Freel on the DL Mike Fontenot and Bobby Scales have shared some of the job at third and it's been not all that bad although Mike Fontenot's error in the first inning of Saturday's game lead to 4 unearned runs and the play in the bottom of the 11th which cost the cubs the game. In question is how much longer this team can tolerate poor defense, inconsistent hitting and a bullpen outside Angel Guzman, Carlos Marmoul & Shawn Marshall ? How will this club keep pace with the teams to the north in their division ?

Steve Stone earlier this past week on Chicago Tribune live was very sure of his comments reassuring cub fans and all other critics in that the cubs will win the NL Central I quote "comfortably". Steve Stone whom I think is the best baseball critic in the world I sense is being somewhat bias making those kind of statements. I still think Steve would rather be announcing on the North side of town as in my opinion his heart is with the Cubs vs. the White Sox.

Now as we move into the second week of June the Cubs will enter interleague play which will be tough going up against the Twins, White Sox & Indians. This schedule isn't favorable for the Cubs but what schedule would be for this team. The Cubs are at the bottom in batting average and OBP % along 90% of all other categories. Chicago's only real positive is their Quality starts from the rotation they have in place. Some would think you get this offense to be more productive and things could really change in a fast way and good way. Saying this Chicago hasn't found their stroke so we either wait and hope they find the bats or we start and look at Next year. With little money for Hendry to make the moves needed to correct some of the pieces and very little movement with the Zells\Ricketts transfer of ownership, Chicago is stuck to use what they have in house. One would think when your spending 130 millions dollars to players whom are suppose to help bring a championship to the city of Chicago what more is needed. Well,.. the players aren't performing with the acquisitions of Jim Hendry and have back fired. If the Chicago Cubs fail and go know-where well questions will be made of Jim Hendry and those changes he made will be scrutinized and will be in question.

For the Cubs to super glue the problems on this roster, somehow Jim Hendry has to find a bat and more secure a glove to play third. The Bullpen is in question and the need of a real middle of the road closer/reliever is most needed period. One real veteran whom is proven is the one piece this team needs to settle on. With the Cubs difficulties they're still hanging around but unless the team intact can turn things around with tweaking the lineups ect or Hendry is able to go get a Delrosa or someone equivalent this season will be over and soon sorry to say. I'm somewhat positive management and the coaches will be able to steer this team into winning and winning allot come the later part June but we have no guarantees. My gut feeling is a good one.. The players themselves need to start earning those millions they collect and provide the fans of this club much more than being shown and look like they want to WIN.

On paper the fixxe's look easy but baseball is the one sport that adding the rite player or players doesn't fix or add up to more wins. It's called chemistry !! Go find it Lou .................

Phil G

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is the Prognosis ?


If I were a betting man I would predict the Cubs to come out swinging tonight. With the teams character being tested this road trip, this may indeed help this clubs desire to bond and realize the few games they played poorly which put them into this early season funk , may just allow them to go deep into this season once the wounded get back into the lineup. The cubs roster is filled with ball players whom are competitors, expect this club to lean on each other going forward and to get back to playing the Chicago Cubs can play. From tonight's game going forward I'm assuming Pinella don't have the magic speech for jumping out of this funk except for taking things one game at a time.. Ain't that how us people living everyday dealing with life's messes and the set backs we go threw.

Phil G- The Man in the middle

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jake Fox He Awaites his call !!

Lou Pinella and Jim Hendry what are you waiting for ??

Now for the second time in two days we have seen comments regarding Jake Fox of the Chicago Cubs. Both Paul Sullivan and Dick Van Dyke of the Chicago Tribune continue to make sure his name is well noticed in their columns. As Jake Fox 26 years old waits for his turn and he may be waiting for a bit. With this Cubs roster fairly full General Manager Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella have no place to get him on the roster , they say ! This reminds me how Micah waited patiently for his number to be called last year as he batted ( .362 ) with 25 homers and 100 Rbi's in only 71 games played. Let me remind you Jake Fox is batting (.431) with 17 home runs and 50 RBI's. Furthermore his OBP is (.513)with a slugging % of (.964.)Jake leads Triple A with his offense and is hoping he will get his break soon, as he should. 

We seen Bobby Scales get called up and Ryan Freel get acquired by Cubs management and surely it may take a key injury or cubs collapse for his chance to come up and play be for real. I do question Jim Hendry as when your big bopper Aramis Ramirez is sitting for sometime. it only makes sense to replace this loss with a player whom can be a difference maker. There is room for Fox to come up to the Majors. Fox does have a glove as some people will say he cant play in the field. Jake has played some time at third for Lou in Spring. He has also played behind home plate and first base. In addition he can play the outfield corners if need be.

As were still early in the baseball season the cubs and most major league teams have no reason to panic if indeed their teams are playing inconsistent or just average ball. As cub fans hope this team not only can win while there star players are out, they just hope they can gel more as the season goes on and to surprise many of the opposition in the NL.

For Chicago without Zambrano getting put on the DL and Aramis Ramierez going down how would have we been able to see Randy Wells show his excellence and Bobby Scales a 11 year minor leaguer waiting for his chance to show his talent. Both of these players will now be key resources in the cubs season. Fair or unfair Jake Fox's #'s are more than proof to bring him up and help this team. There are multiple options in using Jake off the bench or platooned with Derek Lee whom isn't producing along with Bradley whom hasn't yet found his golden bat. For Fans and the team is just doesn't make sense to keep a caliber type player in Fox down in Triple A. I do really hope something will trigger Pinella and Hendry to just get this guy up. I can sit here and hand out all the ways in utilizing Jake but nothing matters unless Hendry pulls the trigger and brings this man up.

Finally, as Jim Hendry is a great GM,their is know doubt he has his favorites and also makes questionable moves. You ask yourself why did we trade for a Guy in Aaron Heilaman whom stats are less than good... Then we bring up a youngster in Jeff Samardgia whom isn't yet ready for this relief role as he is still learning and you have another fellow Jeff Stevens whom is throwing lights out and could really help the middle part of this bullpen.
I would like to see Guzman, Wells, Marshall & Stevens leading this pen. Cotts and Heilaman should find another place to pitch outside the confines of Wrigley. With all this said will see how things work out by middle of June. For the cubs sake it may be better for them to play subpar just so they can have these other players down in Triple A come up and play their game.

It will be another month or so before we truly know where this club stands.

let me know your thoughts !


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can the Magic Continue on the North Side !

Randy Wells,  Guzman and Marmoul get the job Done !!

What about our Closer Kevin Gregg  ??

After Yesterdays drama in the 9th one would still have to be reminded that no lead for the cubs is a safe one with Heilman and Gregg on the mound. Randy Wells has thrown 11 innings since subbing for Carlos Zambrano spot in the rotation and yet has his first major league win. Wells has developed his sinker to keep the batters off there toes. Wells job well done can be for many reasons but since most teams haven't seen his stuff just yet it makes getting his job done somewhat easier early on. Saying that Randy has really along with Soto scouted his competition to a tee before pitching a game and it has worked.

This coming week when Carlos Zambrano comes back into the rotation it will very hard to just throw Wells back to Iowa so expect Randy to be either a 6 man in the rotation or come out of the bullpen to help that muddy bullpen get cleaned up. Lou will have some decisions to make here real soon with both Marshall and Wells,either way these are good decisions to have to make.

Now with all being said most Cubs fans have to be up in the air a bout Kevin Gregg. Last season he used his knee injury to blame for his collapse in Florida's bull pen blowing 9 saves. Kevin Gregg was in a no save situation yesterday afternoon and used another excuse that his outing wasn't a real save situation so the lack of "intensity"  really was at the core of why his performance was brutal ! In addition to this he made a comment that he will have between 90-97 save opportunities this season and their will be times you just don't have it.Fans,some of what he says may be true but with the cubs not winning this season with games there ahead by 1-2 runs, management and Lou have to have that certain someone to plug in that can keep that lead whether it's a one run lead or 4 run lead and have the passion every time there on the mound..

The magic will continue for the Cubs for as long as they play solid baseball however the bullpen and the closer have to be consistent as when you get into post season many of those contested games are won or lost by 1 or 2 runs.
I suppose the cubs middle part of their pen will be tweaked as the cubs and Jim Hendry will make sure the components are their for Pinella to make sure each and every game played is winnable.

With the Chicago Cubs playing threw some of there soft spots in their schedule beware that this will change over the next few weeks and the cubs will see how they match up with some of the more competitive teams in the National League as well as inter league play coming up.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cubs Take an important Game 3 in Milwaukee !

The cubs with all the bumps and injuries there still hanging in there... Now With the addition of Ryan Freel whom is 1-1 with a base hit today looks to add speed and depth at infield.  Ryan is a player whom wants to help the cubs win. With tomorrow and Derek Lee having is MRI lets wait and see how this turns out. If it’s bad Lou will DL- Lee and want to replace that power quickly whom we have Jake Fox down in triple A. Jake belongs on any top roster in the Majors. The Cubs just didn’t have a place for him as Micah Hoffepeuir didn’t and look how he is where he belongs and is getting his time.


How about Scales again 2-3 today. This guy has been waiting for sometime and again has shown value.

 The Cubs at this time last year were only one game ahead in the win column. Cubs fans should relax in that even though there are concerns, The cubs are 3 games above .500 and once Lou fixes the middle part of the bullpen as he quoted “ will be done “ this team will end up showing up allot of people here in the next few weeks. This is baseball and sports so unfortunately the cubs will have to tough these injuries and wait for management to fix up the middle part of the pen and also wait for key players to rejoin their team. Randy Wells will be added once Zambrano gets back as his stuff is better than good, as Friday’s outing proved he has real good stuff shutting out the Brewers. This may is one pitcher to help settle down the middle part of the pen.


The cubs with all the bumps and injuries there hanging in there. Now 

Cubs fans I’m convinced the cubs will go threw some shaky times until the trade deadline but this club with be the club one thought , the best in the NL.

I know it will be hard as some of the next few games might hit a nerve or two but again only back 2 .5 games with over 130 remaining is more than enough to jump start this club and hold on until we get some of our key players back in the lineup. Also expect Hendry to go out and either make some key trades and or bring up some young talent to help the pen be more complete. Jim Hendry wont lose sight of the small window to win this division out rite and go to the post season. This isn’t the South side where like the White Sox whom wont get better as there management is holding out for a new direction. Here on the North side Fans demand talent and wins.  This whole bumpy road for the cubs will ultimately help them later in August.


Next Up Jake Peavy Tuesday night Padres..



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Now with Ramirez being out what will happen to this team..

The Cubs as many know now lost there catalyst of there offense and team. Ramirez was not only arguably the best third baseman in baseball his offense as a third baseman was stellar. The Cubs received a great pitching outing in Rand Wells whom was pitching in Carlos Zambranos spot. In all honesty Wells had the Brewers on the ropes at times with his fast ball and command at the corners. Threw 5 innings the youngster looked poised and in control of his game. After the cubs took a 2-1 lead, there were multiple chances of the cubs getting that 1 additional insurance run. The cubs floundered those opportunities and invited the Brewers rite into taking over this game.

 It was obvious to me when Aaron Heilman came into this game in the 8th inning and put the first batter on base I spelled problems. The Cubs problems as I voiced over many times in the last week in this middle of the road bull pen they put on the mound. Jim Hendry must go get someone somewhere to come in and be that go to guy to shut down the opposition. With Marmoul and Gregg being the only two closers that wont cut it. Guzman came into this game with a 2-0 lead by the cubs. As Angel has a power arm he seems to make mistakes with his slider and change up putting the ball rite where the batters can quickly send the ball out over the fences in any ballpark. Saying that Angel has been productive but in these most important 1 run games you have to rely on someone to keep the momentum with the North Siders and hold the lead. Jeff Stevens,  whom came over from Cleveland with the Delrosa trade is ready to come up from triple A and help this team in these middle innings. The time is now Hendry !!

 Now more than ever Chicago needs there ball club to step up. With the loss of Ramirez for at least 8 weeks Ryan Freel the recently acquired utility man will be asked to play third for the missing Ramirez however he is no Ramirez. The Cubs will need to address the missing power in the Lineup. Jake Fox is the answer in Triple A and has showed great power consistently over the last few years and is in a zone knocking the cover of the ball with 13 homers and 33 Rbi’s. Many say where will we put him on the field and there are answers. Soto isn’t playing well and or is hurt. DL- him and let Koyie Hill play as he is doing the job period.

We also could DL-Lee if he continues to suffers from the Disk in his neck. There is room and don’t worry about hurting one ego. This problem needs to be taken care of now and furthermore the boys that have came up thus far like Wells and Scales have done more than ok. We seen Scales hit a Triple and score the 1st run in the 3-2 loss at Miller Park. He has been a great addition since being up from Triple A.

 Chicago still has the edge in the division and are rite in the thick of things. Pinella being in this situation in previous seasons while managing knows I believe how to get the most out of his bal club. Saying that Henry working hand in hand with Pinella shall hold the Cubs in check so they wont see this season unfold on them. one would say that injuries are part of any game and some of them you have no control over. Now we will see how the Cubs respond after losing Mr. Ramirez to the DL.

 For all you Cubs Fans- Somehow someway the Chicago Cubs will find there way into the playoffs. I’m confident this team will work threw there team injuries and all will come together. I just hope we take advantage of those talented players awaiting us to give the cubs that boost they really need rite now. Thankfully we have 120 games to get all the loose screws tightened.

 Game #2 Brewers vs. Cubs. 7pm Saturday night- Dempster Vs. Gallardo

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