Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Cubless team cant adjust to the air volume out West

On this day after the opening game with the Rockies we see more of the same troubles playing
on Pinella's Chicago Cubs.

Most Chicago Fans from the bottom of the 1st in Coors's field seen this might be a long night which would add up to another pitiful defeat and bump rite into 2nd place. I'm a cub fan and each and every game I and other cub fans try and explain the good the bad & the ugly. With Carlos Zambrano being scratched from the game with back stiffness, this was all the Rockies needed to have their chance in stealing a baseball game from the Chicago Cubs and more.. There wasn't a doubt that they had the edge in starting pitching. Matter a fact the cubs couldn't find way to get to Jimenez as his pitches were their all night and when needed. Pinella decided to use Jeff Samardijga to eat up some of the inning's but at what expense. This fellow hasn't shown improvement in how many innings now. Well this was only the beginning and the end for the cubs as they mustard a small 2 runs in 9 innings. Chicago hasn't played well on the road this year and it starting to take shape.As the media and fans try to understand where all the problems are and how to cure them the club continues to baffle themselves and the baseball world.

In Game 2 the Cubs get Marquie the off-season trade by Jim Hendry to the Colorado Rockies.
Jason has more than a win to get in the game he starts but more than that he needs to show again to Jim Hendry 'see what you were giving up'. Jason has done very well in a park that is very hard to pitch well in. The Cardinals mind you haven't felt they're rhythm yet and once they do the Cardinals will use August's weak schedule to win and put a distance between them and the cubs.

For Cubs Fans somehow I ask you to find a way to put this season in the rears. There is just to much Bad & Ugly to be seen with over 50 games left. Phil Rogers just mentioned that the cubs were on a projected path to win 87 games. The Cubs will be lucky to win 79 game this year. The slow transition of selling this club helped in keeping the team out of focus. With that being said the lack of a new owner in place and not having that one person to overlook the Cubs management really put the team in an awkward position. Come 2010 I'd expect new pieces of this team which I hope take the organization in to a new frontier.

Phil G

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