Monday, August 3, 2009

It's only August but feels like September in... MLB

Chicago Cubs fans we wake up this August 2nd Monday with more questions which
continue for the bullpen and specific relievers and closers. Playing baseball in southern Florida in August is brutal without a doubt. The Cubs had a chance to sweep this series regardless of the final score.Questions surrounding this pen and whom can take the ball in the 7th, 8th or 9th is most definitely up in the air rite now. This Pen actually is much better than some think. The Cubs have multiple arms in which aren't being used in critical situations but yet Lou Pinella still goes to the highly paid money guys. Aaron Heilman was a disaster before coming to Chicago and why he is here ? this makes no sense at all. The New York Mets released Heilman as his Era was higher than the sky and couldn't get the job done. Why would a GM spend money on a player whom can't get it done when he takes the ball on the mound. Is it that he is a Notre Dame guy ? The Chicago Cubs can't and wont get very far with Aaron Heilman as he has been horrific in games where games are very tight meaning 2 runs or less. Mr. Hendry what were you thinking once again ! Other relievers like Kevin Gregg is another player whom has been successful following the all-star break getting 10 saves. Now let's keep in mind these were teams mostly whom were playing sub .500 baseball. The Marlins were the first team for Gregg to face whom had a winning record following the break and it was clear after getting spanked two nights in a row to the Marlins the Cubs certainly have their real concerns now.

In baseball this is suppose to be a team game where all 25 men are used to accomplish the objective of winning ball games. The Cubs have other arms like, Stevens, Berg, Guzman, Grabow,Marmoul & Marshall whom can be used to get the job done more in the late inning's. Marmoul has had some command issues but from a psyche view getting the ball in a closer role may just help him enough to get the job done. There is also a Kid in Bj Ryan whom is still pitching down in Triple A however will his stuff be good enough to be the killer B in the ninth ? Many of the Critics wont go down that path as Bj hasn't even pitched for the cubs of yet in the Majors. Can one our Starters need to come in and get the job done in the 9th ? if be YES !!

Cubs Fans this team has the roster to win this division and go into the post season. It would be a far shame if this ball club continued making mistakes down the stretch. Pinella has to be more flexible and let some of the young talent get the chance to help this team. Forget about the baseball politics and play your team Pinella. There is NO doubt Jim Hendry the master behind building this team has possibly managed his last year as the Chicago Cubs Messiah.

Lastly, with 59 games left to be played much can happen in baseball. The Chicago Cubs and there management have the time to reinvent part of their bull pen for the late inning's by using some of the talent rite before their eyes. You just never know how any player will respond once he is thrown into a role. It's very clear that Jeff Samardijga is either not ready or really doesn't have the STUFF to make it the Bigs. This month of August is here and within a few weeks the cubs destiny will be in front of us.

Phil G

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