Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicago, The Cubs are much better than most admit.

Now Cub fans I have heard it all lately and yes at times i have been wanting to pull what's left of my hair however I looked at last years #'s and yes there offense has showed more life than this anemic looking squad. Though last years record was 43-24 at this time and 19 games over .500 this team won the close games or the games with 1 run making the difference. The Cubs starting rotation was very good threw the first few months and mostly it was they had chemistry.

Today's club has one main issue in offense but we have seen games where they had offense and their bullpen would fail or they would hit and the few games the starting rotation failed it would reflect in the final score. Now we have 105 games left and this NL Central is really well bunched. Know one team has ran away with things and more than likely know one will until the Cubs really get it going. The Chicago Cubs really with the big injury to Aaramis team were very much effected. We have seen finally why Aaramis is the most valued player on this team. Since the loss of Aaramis Jim Hendry has been trying to provide Lou Pinella with the best fit player to fill his position at third. While we haven't seen any real replacement by any imagination we have for the most part have seen good defense. The acquisitions of Milton Bradley whom wanted simply a chance to zip those critics whom said he wont live up to the contract of 30m over 3 years and thus far he has been just awful thus far.. Milton Bradley has been a sore eye for offense. A guy whom suppose to be the answer batting before Derek Lee and Ramirez seems to not be a athlete whom can play in the National League do to his fragile anatomy. Bradley will bounce back so even as it appears he wont , I believe he will be part of us going to the post season.

The other small parts of this team with Ryan Freel, Reed Johnson along with Aaron Miles really haven't added up to much except for Reed Johnson whom can play stellar defense and come threw in a pinch. Bobby Scales and Blanco have been helpful in some spots but they haven't been the pieces to spark this offense. Thankfully Fukedome has been consistent for the most part but not a real reliable go to guy with his bat. We as fans are going to have to hold on and hope until Ramirez gets back the guys like Soriano, Lee, Soto, Theriot, Bradley, Hoffepeuir and Fonteaun are going to get things popping and fairly quickly. Their Schedule doesn't get any easier so with being 2.5 games back from the leading Brewers just take it one game at a time.

The perfect synerieo would be to see the cubs take advantage of being home and using this interleague series to get it rolling in a good way. I really think we will see one or two moves before the deadline but these will be pieces to hold the fort together. The Chicago Cubs lead baseball with a all star rotation throwing a 3.65 era overall and in the last 9 games .98. Pitching and this rotation is how were going to hold on until it's time to take off. Lou as i feel this offense will find their sweet spots on the bat and this club will be the team we expected to see before the season began. Try to refrain from the criticism you hear from sportscasters whom are either
Bias towards the white sox here in Chicago or are just making noise to gain exposure in the media market.

I decided to write a synopsis weekly on the cubs vs. a daily as baseball changes all so fast daily.
You can find me on in the Community section or look me up on face book.
I love to talk baseball and the Chicago Cubs. Come August this team will be firing on all cylinders.
Until then hope for a great winning home stand.


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