Sunday, June 7, 2009


The Chicago Cubs have two things going for them , Injuries and one run games.

With Lou Pinella trying to find a player or two in sparking this offense it seems he runs into

a wall time and time again. With all the comments I have read and multiple opinions from the top baseball critics it's seems to me the Cubs are treading on thin ice. Starting Sunday morning 4.5 games behind the top dogs of the NL Central Milwaukee Brewers one would have to see that the Cubs whom were suppose to be able to run away with this division aren't running anywhere.

We Have played threw a 1/3 of the baseball season in 2009 and with plenty of baseball left the Chicago Cubs with the injury to Aramis Ramirez have been trying to replace his glove and bat since his injury back in May at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ryan Freel was suppose to help at third with his spray hitting and favorable glove . With Freel on the DL Mike Fontenot and Bobby Scales have shared some of the job at third and it's been not all that bad although Mike Fontenot's error in the first inning of Saturday's game lead to 4 unearned runs and the play in the bottom of the 11th which cost the cubs the game. In question is how much longer this team can tolerate poor defense, inconsistent hitting and a bullpen outside Angel Guzman, Carlos Marmoul & Shawn Marshall ? How will this club keep pace with the teams to the north in their division ?

Steve Stone earlier this past week on Chicago Tribune live was very sure of his comments reassuring cub fans and all other critics in that the cubs will win the NL Central I quote "comfortably". Steve Stone whom I think is the best baseball critic in the world I sense is being somewhat bias making those kind of statements. I still think Steve would rather be announcing on the North side of town as in my opinion his heart is with the Cubs vs. the White Sox.

Now as we move into the second week of June the Cubs will enter interleague play which will be tough going up against the Twins, White Sox & Indians. This schedule isn't favorable for the Cubs but what schedule would be for this team. The Cubs are at the bottom in batting average and OBP % along 90% of all other categories. Chicago's only real positive is their Quality starts from the rotation they have in place. Some would think you get this offense to be more productive and things could really change in a fast way and good way. Saying this Chicago hasn't found their stroke so we either wait and hope they find the bats or we start and look at Next year. With little money for Hendry to make the moves needed to correct some of the pieces and very little movement with the Zells\Ricketts transfer of ownership, Chicago is stuck to use what they have in house. One would think when your spending 130 millions dollars to players whom are suppose to help bring a championship to the city of Chicago what more is needed. Well,.. the players aren't performing with the acquisitions of Jim Hendry and have back fired. If the Chicago Cubs fail and go know-where well questions will be made of Jim Hendry and those changes he made will be scrutinized and will be in question.

For the Cubs to super glue the problems on this roster, somehow Jim Hendry has to find a bat and more secure a glove to play third. The Bullpen is in question and the need of a real middle of the road closer/reliever is most needed period. One real veteran whom is proven is the one piece this team needs to settle on. With the Cubs difficulties they're still hanging around but unless the team intact can turn things around with tweaking the lineups ect or Hendry is able to go get a Delrosa or someone equivalent this season will be over and soon sorry to say. I'm somewhat positive management and the coaches will be able to steer this team into winning and winning allot come the later part June but we have no guarantees. My gut feeling is a good one.. The players themselves need to start earning those millions they collect and provide the fans of this club much more than being shown and look like they want to WIN.

On paper the fixxe's look easy but baseball is the one sport that adding the rite player or players doesn't fix or add up to more wins. It's called chemistry !! Go find it Lou .................

Phil G

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