Tuesday, June 30, 2009



The cubs have been playing just average baseball since the loss of Ramirez. Aramis's return may help but not complete the fix. The Chicago Cubs have many issues to contend with and mostly with offense as the players you would expect producing is lacking terribly.

The Cubs with 90 games left have as many teams in the Central have the chance to make changes to get them playing better ball. The Cubs just a few weeks back were leading with quality starts from their rotation but lacking with offense causing them to lose 14 games by one run.

It's really easy math if this cub team who wasn't and still isn't playing on all 4 legs could be leading this division comfortably by just winning half of these 1 run games. This gives the cubs all they would need to take over in the Central.

I see the final findings in that this team will excel and win this division. Now saying that ! ” If and only if " Aramis comes back along with more consistent hitting I see the Cubs making a big run and going into late summer playing real good ball. Most of why they will make this run is simply their starting pitching. Most teams are starting to see the wear and tear on their starting rotations. The Cubs have an exceptional staff , so this is why they will have the upper hand as the rest of this division don’t have the arms. You don’t have to have a super over- powering offense in baseball. I don’t see the Cards, Brewers, Houston & Reds making such moves that will make this division anymore competitive. Most teams are in the hunt this year and wont be willing to let go of those players needed to help them win.

Somehow this baseball team from management down to the bench players should come together, unlike last year play better as the season goes on where many forget how the cubs played poorly last season going into the last of August and September. They only won the central due to the fact that Milwaukee lost 12 in a row.

Rich Harden will be traded by the July deadline for 2 proven lefty relievers and Marshall will take the 5th spot. We may see one or two other moves but really don’t expect to much from a team that has spent 137 million already and why should they have to at this point. The Cubs have the talent waiting to explode. The questions are ? Will the Pinella and Hendry use this team and their resources to make Chicago a real winner.

We will see how it all comes together, but as a Cub fan and realist I know anything can happen.
The good thing is that my gut is positive about this teams near future unlike last year where most baseball enthusiasts were in denial that the Cubs were better than on paper..

Chicago Cub Fans, We all should just hold faith and hope things workout and then watch for the next few weeks where the Cubs play majority of their opponents from the NL Central. This could be a key sign of how things may turn for the remainder of the season.

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