Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can the Magic Continue on the North Side !

Randy Wells,  Guzman and Marmoul get the job Done !!

What about our Closer Kevin Gregg  ??

After Yesterdays drama in the 9th one would still have to be reminded that no lead for the cubs is a safe one with Heilman and Gregg on the mound. Randy Wells has thrown 11 innings since subbing for Carlos Zambrano spot in the rotation and yet has his first major league win. Wells has developed his sinker to keep the batters off there toes. Wells job well done can be for many reasons but since most teams haven't seen his stuff just yet it makes getting his job done somewhat easier early on. Saying that Randy has really along with Soto scouted his competition to a tee before pitching a game and it has worked.

This coming week when Carlos Zambrano comes back into the rotation it will very hard to just throw Wells back to Iowa so expect Randy to be either a 6 man in the rotation or come out of the bullpen to help that muddy bullpen get cleaned up. Lou will have some decisions to make here real soon with both Marshall and Wells,either way these are good decisions to have to make.

Now with all being said most Cubs fans have to be up in the air a bout Kevin Gregg. Last season he used his knee injury to blame for his collapse in Florida's bull pen blowing 9 saves. Kevin Gregg was in a no save situation yesterday afternoon and used another excuse that his outing wasn't a real save situation so the lack of "intensity"  really was at the core of why his performance was brutal ! In addition to this he made a comment that he will have between 90-97 save opportunities this season and their will be times you just don't have it.Fans,some of what he says may be true but with the cubs not winning this season with games there ahead by 1-2 runs, management and Lou have to have that certain someone to plug in that can keep that lead whether it's a one run lead or 4 run lead and have the passion every time there on the mound..

The magic will continue for the Cubs for as long as they play solid baseball however the bullpen and the closer have to be consistent as when you get into post season many of those contested games are won or lost by 1 or 2 runs.
I suppose the cubs middle part of their pen will be tweaked as the cubs and Jim Hendry will make sure the components are their for Pinella to make sure each and every game played is winnable.

With the Chicago Cubs playing threw some of there soft spots in their schedule beware that this will change over the next few weeks and the cubs will see how they match up with some of the more competitive teams in the National League as well as inter league play coming up.

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