Saturday, May 9, 2009

Now with Ramirez being out what will happen to this team..

The Cubs as many know now lost there catalyst of there offense and team. Ramirez was not only arguably the best third baseman in baseball his offense as a third baseman was stellar. The Cubs received a great pitching outing in Rand Wells whom was pitching in Carlos Zambranos spot. In all honesty Wells had the Brewers on the ropes at times with his fast ball and command at the corners. Threw 5 innings the youngster looked poised and in control of his game. After the cubs took a 2-1 lead, there were multiple chances of the cubs getting that 1 additional insurance run. The cubs floundered those opportunities and invited the Brewers rite into taking over this game.

 It was obvious to me when Aaron Heilman came into this game in the 8th inning and put the first batter on base I spelled problems. The Cubs problems as I voiced over many times in the last week in this middle of the road bull pen they put on the mound. Jim Hendry must go get someone somewhere to come in and be that go to guy to shut down the opposition. With Marmoul and Gregg being the only two closers that wont cut it. Guzman came into this game with a 2-0 lead by the cubs. As Angel has a power arm he seems to make mistakes with his slider and change up putting the ball rite where the batters can quickly send the ball out over the fences in any ballpark. Saying that Angel has been productive but in these most important 1 run games you have to rely on someone to keep the momentum with the North Siders and hold the lead. Jeff Stevens,  whom came over from Cleveland with the Delrosa trade is ready to come up from triple A and help this team in these middle innings. The time is now Hendry !!

 Now more than ever Chicago needs there ball club to step up. With the loss of Ramirez for at least 8 weeks Ryan Freel the recently acquired utility man will be asked to play third for the missing Ramirez however he is no Ramirez. The Cubs will need to address the missing power in the Lineup. Jake Fox is the answer in Triple A and has showed great power consistently over the last few years and is in a zone knocking the cover of the ball with 13 homers and 33 Rbi’s. Many say where will we put him on the field and there are answers. Soto isn’t playing well and or is hurt. DL- him and let Koyie Hill play as he is doing the job period.

We also could DL-Lee if he continues to suffers from the Disk in his neck. There is room and don’t worry about hurting one ego. This problem needs to be taken care of now and furthermore the boys that have came up thus far like Wells and Scales have done more than ok. We seen Scales hit a Triple and score the 1st run in the 3-2 loss at Miller Park. He has been a great addition since being up from Triple A.

 Chicago still has the edge in the division and are rite in the thick of things. Pinella being in this situation in previous seasons while managing knows I believe how to get the most out of his bal club. Saying that Henry working hand in hand with Pinella shall hold the Cubs in check so they wont see this season unfold on them. one would say that injuries are part of any game and some of them you have no control over. Now we will see how the Cubs respond after losing Mr. Ramirez to the DL.

 For all you Cubs Fans- Somehow someway the Chicago Cubs will find there way into the playoffs. I’m confident this team will work threw there team injuries and all will come together. I just hope we take advantage of those talented players awaiting us to give the cubs that boost they really need rite now. Thankfully we have 120 games to get all the loose screws tightened.

 Game #2 Brewers vs. Cubs. 7pm Saturday night- Dempster Vs. Gallardo

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