Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Cubs Take an important Game 3 in Milwaukee !

The cubs with all the bumps and injuries there still hanging in there... Now With the addition of Ryan Freel whom is 1-1 with a base hit today looks to add speed and depth at infield.  Ryan is a player whom wants to help the cubs win. With tomorrow and Derek Lee having is MRI lets wait and see how this turns out. If it’s bad Lou will DL- Lee and want to replace that power quickly whom we have Jake Fox down in triple A. Jake belongs on any top roster in the Majors. The Cubs just didn’t have a place for him as Micah Hoffepeuir didn’t and look how he is where he belongs and is getting his time.


How about Scales again 2-3 today. This guy has been waiting for sometime and again has shown value.

 The Cubs at this time last year were only one game ahead in the win column. Cubs fans should relax in that even though there are concerns, The cubs are 3 games above .500 and once Lou fixes the middle part of the bullpen as he quoted “ will be done “ this team will end up showing up allot of people here in the next few weeks. This is baseball and sports so unfortunately the cubs will have to tough these injuries and wait for management to fix up the middle part of the pen and also wait for key players to rejoin their team. Randy Wells will be added once Zambrano gets back as his stuff is better than good, as Friday’s outing proved he has real good stuff shutting out the Brewers. This may is one pitcher to help settle down the middle part of the pen.


The cubs with all the bumps and injuries there hanging in there. Now 

Cubs fans I’m convinced the cubs will go threw some shaky times until the trade deadline but this club with be the club one thought , the best in the NL.

I know it will be hard as some of the next few games might hit a nerve or two but again only back 2 .5 games with over 130 remaining is more than enough to jump start this club and hold on until we get some of our key players back in the lineup. Also expect Hendry to go out and either make some key trades and or bring up some young talent to help the pen be more complete. Jim Hendry wont lose sight of the small window to win this division out rite and go to the post season. This isn’t the South side where like the White Sox whom wont get better as there management is holding out for a new direction. Here on the North side Fans demand talent and wins.  This whole bumpy road for the cubs will ultimately help them later in August.


Next Up Jake Peavy Tuesday night Padres..



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