Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jake Fox He Awaites his call !!

Lou Pinella and Jim Hendry what are you waiting for ??

Now for the second time in two days we have seen comments regarding Jake Fox of the Chicago Cubs. Both Paul Sullivan and Dick Van Dyke of the Chicago Tribune continue to make sure his name is well noticed in their columns. As Jake Fox 26 years old waits for his turn and he may be waiting for a bit. With this Cubs roster fairly full General Manager Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella have no place to get him on the roster , they say ! This reminds me how Micah waited patiently for his number to be called last year as he batted ( .362 ) with 25 homers and 100 Rbi's in only 71 games played. Let me remind you Jake Fox is batting (.431) with 17 home runs and 50 RBI's. Furthermore his OBP is (.513)with a slugging % of (.964.)Jake leads Triple A with his offense and is hoping he will get his break soon, as he should. 

We seen Bobby Scales get called up and Ryan Freel get acquired by Cubs management and surely it may take a key injury or cubs collapse for his chance to come up and play be for real. I do question Jim Hendry as when your big bopper Aramis Ramirez is sitting for sometime. it only makes sense to replace this loss with a player whom can be a difference maker. There is room for Fox to come up to the Majors. Fox does have a glove as some people will say he cant play in the field. Jake has played some time at third for Lou in Spring. He has also played behind home plate and first base. In addition he can play the outfield corners if need be.

As were still early in the baseball season the cubs and most major league teams have no reason to panic if indeed their teams are playing inconsistent or just average ball. As cub fans hope this team not only can win while there star players are out, they just hope they can gel more as the season goes on and to surprise many of the opposition in the NL.

For Chicago without Zambrano getting put on the DL and Aramis Ramierez going down how would have we been able to see Randy Wells show his excellence and Bobby Scales a 11 year minor leaguer waiting for his chance to show his talent. Both of these players will now be key resources in the cubs season. Fair or unfair Jake Fox's #'s are more than proof to bring him up and help this team. There are multiple options in using Jake off the bench or platooned with Derek Lee whom isn't producing along with Bradley whom hasn't yet found his golden bat. For Fans and the team is just doesn't make sense to keep a caliber type player in Fox down in Triple A. I do really hope something will trigger Pinella and Hendry to just get this guy up. I can sit here and hand out all the ways in utilizing Jake but nothing matters unless Hendry pulls the trigger and brings this man up.

Finally, as Jim Hendry is a great GM,their is know doubt he has his favorites and also makes questionable moves. You ask yourself why did we trade for a Guy in Aaron Heilaman whom stats are less than good... Then we bring up a youngster in Jeff Samardgia whom isn't yet ready for this relief role as he is still learning and you have another fellow Jeff Stevens whom is throwing lights out and could really help the middle part of this bullpen.
I would like to see Guzman, Wells, Marshall & Stevens leading this pen. Cotts and Heilaman should find another place to pitch outside the confines of Wrigley. With all this said will see how things work out by middle of June. For the cubs sake it may be better for them to play subpar just so they can have these other players down in Triple A come up and play their game.

It will be another month or so before we truly know where this club stands.

let me know your thoughts !


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