Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ryan Theriot has sparked the Cubs to slam there way into consecutive wins for the North siders. Putting across over 13 runs in two games, this may be a a sign of what's to come. Lilly pitched his 2nd gem of a game working all his pitches including his curve biting pitch. The team itself seemed to loosen up with the club showing humor again in around the club house. 

Baseball is one of those sports like the wind in Chicago where as quick as your on top of your game one day and quickly with one swing or one error the magic you have seemed to acquire changes into reality and the club is scratching to find themselves again. Most critics have there opinions of what should or will happen in the coming months however the Chicago Cubs need to take one game at at a time looking to another to keep the synergy rolling.

Most if all of the cubs will tell you that winning at home is so important because of  the energy which is felt from the fans here at Wrigley Field. Having over 39,000 fans yelling and screaming every home game makes one great difference in how your Psyche intertwines in how you respond in your game.

We seen in Saturday's running of the Kentucky Derby that whether your horse has odds of 4-1 or 40-1 the challenge and the sport is decided on the field or more so in this case the track..

Baseball is one of those unpredictable games and this is why baseball is such an intriguing game. The Cubs on Paper have the talent and after 22 games the fact of the matter is there are still 140 games to play and to play to get better. I suspect if indeed the Cubs respond like the warm temperatures will, This team should meet all expectations. 

Finally saying that I will be the one to ask management to really start looking for that one middle reliever come crunch time to get the cubs over the top otherwise there will be for sure disappointment as there will be many games won by the closes of just one run.

Next Game Sunday May 3rd 1:20 pm - Wrigley Field Hope to see you there

Phil G

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