Monday, May 4, 2009

April swinging and May delivering


With April's beginning's in the past the Cubs have started the month of May perfectly winning their first series at home against the National Leagues best record club the Florida Marlins. The Cubs lost their first game in extra innings after leading the first game against Florida. The Cubs quickly went back to there old ways creating errors and then further more watched there bullpen give the opposition the lead for good. Most fans were hoping someone in the rotation would help the cubs get out of the funk that ended April. Rich Harden went to the mound in game #2 and we knew his stuff wasn't his best. With giving up 2 quick runs he soon lost his control by hitting batters. Chicago fans and Wrigley field were frustrated and shaking there heads.

It was in the later innings when the cubs finally had the bases juiced and along came little Theriot the little guy and just like that the cubs took the lead 6-5 with a grand slam by Ryan. The cubs offense seem to find a groove scoring 2 more runs and allowing them to win 8-6. The remainder games were well pitched by the Cub and they were able to get the big home runs once again to win the series against Florida 3-1.

Baseball has a whole lot of games to be played and the Cubbies have seemed to get there bats on the ball of late. With the Cubs there is no guarantee there headed to a 10 games win streak but like April showers bring may flowers , spring and baseball in Chicago has found it's bloom.

Finally , with Carlos Zambrano being out for 2-3 weeks. We will have Randy Wells throwing in his place Beginning Friday against the Brew crew. Let's hope Randy does well along with Bobby Scales whom has came up from Triple A Iowa. This can be a good alteration for this team seeing different faces giving the make up of the Cubs a new look.

Now with the Giants in town for a quick two games the Cubs may just have 5 straight wins under there belts.

Phil G- Mchenry- IL

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