Friday, May 1, 2009

The Moody Fans on the North Side !

Friday afternoon looked like another losing day at the ball park until the later innings where of all the players Ryan Theriot whom is a clutch hitter , whom also leads the league in singles comes up to bat with the bases loaded. In one swing the small "Goliath" took a pitch into the bleachers of left field. The fans within the stadium and out about were getting restless until that point when the cubs took the lead 6-5. The bullpen continued to show up with there shaky ways but Marmoul after walking two found his groove and retired the side. Now with the Cubs being back too .500 and Theriot shaking up the offense Friday afternoon, you would hope the Cubs of old will show up more on a daily basis.

For the fans whom are really edgy these days, it may be recommended to start getting some sort of therapy to deal with this concerning start to the cubs behavior on the field. Real Cub fans expect a W each game played and when you lose 6 of 8 games there starts to become an uneasy feeling anyway you look at it. The mind is a very powerful thing so as I'm not a therapist i would suggest take a deep breath look up to heavens and just hope this team comes together and fast.

Cubs fans regardless whether the cubs lose or win what is important is "consistency". The Cubs are the Cubs and they will come around sooner or later. Hopefully it will be sooner as fans may not have the patience to deal with a losing season.

Saying that today is another Sunny day and with that we hope it will be a winning day on the north side !

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