Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicago Flubs I mean Cubs Tumble again ....

I’m not sure what to say no more except that we here in Chicago whom follow these cubs better hang on for a long season. The cubs find away to lose even when they shouldn’t. Marshall pitched a great game into the 7th inning leaving the game up 2-1. Lou then brings are go to guy Marmoul in and it took a few walks a unearned run before he calmed down and took care of business. Time again the cubs have put themselves into this position and my gosh it’s like a re-run over and over. Expect the cubs to find a way to lose and it will happen.

Carlos Zambrano spoke to a few team mates suggesting a player meeting only and Lou Pinella I quote said “ have any meeting you want but it wont scorer runs”. Now as this team falls farther behind and important parts of the team look and perform brutally it will ultimately dawn on most of us that this team just doesn’t have it. I can’t say it’s over as it’s only May 1st however unless you see a quick turn around and this club shows there resiliency to themselves and the fans this season will be just another heart breaking season.

As I try to be objective I also battle my fan response so it’s very hard watching a club on paper whom really not only showed promise but looked to have the best line-up in all the majors. Well now we know why this game is played and decided on the field.

Can you imagine how they will play when they go up against some of the tougher teams in the NL.

Cub fans don’t get upset when I say maybe to look the other way and hope for next year.

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