Friday, May 8, 2009

Jim Hendry ... When will you finally upgrade these players !


In game #2 of the Houston vs. Cubs Series we seen the cubs show how they may be starting to hit the ball with more consistency however saying that they need to step up to the plate and hit well against #1 pitchers which they haven't proved on a daily basis. 

last  night going into the 8th & 9th inning the cubs were up big 8-2 and without no surprise Pinella brings in newly called up Chad Fox
 to come in and close this game out. He began pitching horribly and finished awful. Pinella was more than upset with the performance of Fox and clearly showed his disposition with his mad look.Hendry what is going on here we have this potentially masterful team but this middle relief role is a soft spot on this team. Heilman seems to be stepping up of late and did his job yesterday but outside Aaron we have limited proven middle men to get the job done. Marmoul and Gregg are coming together however they can't go at the pace their pitching. In thoese close games where a run or two is the difference you need to go to those guys that can contribute with their arms. It's obvious Pinella has little confidence outside Marmoul and Gregg. Chad Fox is no major league pitcher any longer and should get his walking papers. If this is what the cubs consider the best we have to rectify this problem the cubs may see some long summer days and a losing season once again. 

I continue to voice my discuss with other fans whom are really tired of seeing less than good bullpen men such as Chad Fox. I'm again going to ask Jim Hendry and or Lou Pinella to either go and acquire a pitcher from the left side preferably or simply go get JEFF STEVENS in triple A whom is performing more than OK allowing only 3 hits in 11 innings. This isn't too shabby but listen we need help in this spot and why not bring these young men up whom are showing they have what it takes to play in the big leagues. The White Sox have gone young and are showing how the kids can get it done. I'm not sure why they hold so much talent from coming up. Jim Hendry has his favorites like in Jeff Samardgia whom clearly isn't ready to play at Wrigley if anywhere.

I'm a fan and a critic but yesterday after I seen Chad Fox come in and perform the way he did i just shook my head took a deep breath and said to myself I will get my message across to those within the cubs organization to get these issues worked out.  

Finally I want all of you to keep this name in your head Jake Fox whom is waiting for the call from Hendry to pack his bags to come play with Pinella's men up here in Chicago. Most of you know how this ball player not only has the talent but truly has the desire to get this team over the top. I can guarantee if Jake Fox can get his time to play and be inputted in the 5th or 6th spot in this cubs lineup our issue of getting those crucial runs home will be resolved. The question i have for Lou , do you have the strength to put Soto on the DL or even put D Lee on the DL for  sometime as both of these players are struggling for one reason or another. Listen their are numeorus options to get Jake Fox up here.

The window of winning for the cubs is small so forget about contracts or what players have done in years past. Play those whom can help you now. The young ones have heart and desire and give another angle for the manager of stimulating his club. Ozzie Guillen from the White Sox benched Alexi Ramirez because he wasn't getting the job done. He also played really well his first year in 2008 but this is now and the team and fans deserve to have the best talent on the field.

The Cubs have the talent here within... Go do it Henry ! you will be happy with the results.
I hope Jim Hendry can give Pinella the real tools to complete this club from top to bottom.

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