Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's only just Begun ! Whom will get the call from Iowa !

Forget about it only being May.. the cubs have a serious challenge correcting there Bullpen.
After the Cubs seen there 4 game winning streak come to rest do to a few questionable reasons, there was the same question in most cubs fans minds. Jeff Samardzija has now watched his Era bloom to over 11 now. Jim Hendry as he is a no doubt a Notre Dame fan we seen how the Cubs are giving Jeff Samardzija every opportunity to show progress up here in the majors. With that 10million dollar signing bonus given to Jeff early on, you would think he was a superstar. Lou Pinella and Jim Hendry better and I say "better" give some of the other young talent sitting in the wings the chance to help the cubs sore spot a chance to come up and tuneup this middle relief situation NOW. This problem if not corrected will continue to effect this teams overall chances of not only winning ball games but winning those games where 1 or 2 runs can be the difference in a post game series.

I have voiced my opinion many times early on about this middle relief core. The arms we have now are just serviceable at best. Management better go ahead and find a solution very soon. There are some very talented ball players in the minors whom can be the difference.  Jeff Stevens whom you see in the picture to your left has pitched 11 scoreless innings with only 3 hits allowed to prove it.

The Cubbie's also have 2 other proven arms thus far in triple A with Atkins and Berg. 
Until the Cubs bring up these young men  and put them in the trenches one will be wondering is the answer there in Iowa.

The Cubs biggest obstacle now and down the road is there middle relief in the 6th & 7th innings. Unless Hendry and Pinella test the waters now as you have the chance they may find themselves further behind the 8 ball which will effect them winning the central division. 

As a Cub fan I wake up thinking about this problem again and again...Most important and objectively I wont be relaxed until the Cubs can address and smooth this situation, as this will again be the one thing that will cause a thorn to be stuck in the Cubs back-ends.

I ask Cub Fans to communicate loudly to  Cubs Management in addressing this problem now.

Next  we have 5 games on the road beginning tonight at Minute Maid Park with those Astros. Harden Vs. Hampton

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